Utilities and Services in Bijnor

Public Utility Services in BijnorBijnor being the district municipal board which holds a population count of 115,381. Several utility and services are provided by the government and the private sector to facilitate the Bijnor people needs. Utility is nothing but the group of services provided by various organizations such as central, state government or local bodies which are utilized by the people of Bijnor. The public utility is a separate government sector that controls and manages the Bijnor public utility service infrastructure. The types of utility services offered by these sectors are countless to promote the standard of Bijnor people living. The different types of services are electricity, LPG gas connection, sewage, Post office, courier, telephone, water, milk, ration, etc.

Municipal Council in Bijnor

The Nagar Palika Parishad in Bijnor controls departments such as the main office of the municipal council, house tax, construction, water tax, account, light, water works, sanitary, library, garden and health. The services provided by the council are sanitation and cleaning of public streets and drains, cleaning of public toilets and urinary, etc.

The council also provides online services for birth & death registration, property tax, water bill, grievance, employee detail and ward detail. The details about these services can also be obtained from the main office.

Municipal Council
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh-246701
Phone no.: 01342-260073
Landmark: Near Bus stand
Website: www.nppbijnor.com

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Driving License in Bijnor

Driving licence is the authorized identity card issued to drive a vehicle. License can be applied on the Regional Transport office (RTO) Bijnor. RTO Office Mandavar Road Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh-246701
RTO is a government bureau which registers vehicle and issues driving license. The applicant should complete 18 years of age and should possess a learning license at the time of application submission. Along with the application form, medical certificate, passport size photos, learning license and addresses proof documents had to be submitted. First the learning license has to be obtained to get a driving license.

Passport Services in Bijnor

Passport is a certified identity document issued by the Ministry of External Affairs to acknowledge the holder’s citizenship and ensuring them to travel to foreign countries under the safeguard of the government. The regional passport office (RPO) in Bareilly issues passports and travel documents for nearly 13 districts in Uttar Pradesh which also includes Bijnor district. The passport office works under the Ministry of External Affairs. Passport office issues passport application form, India international ordinary passport booklet which includes the jumbo passport, official passport, diplomatic passport and certificate of identity. The office also conducts Passport Mela in Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) during which applications form for new passport and re-issue passport are collected by the officials. Bijnor city people can reach this place through Bijnor-Moradabad road.

Passport Officer Address: Passport office Bareilly Vikas Jyothi Commercial complex II and III floor, BDA building Priyadarshini Nagar Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh-243122

Passport Seva Kendra
: Radha Krishna Tower CC-146/A,Plot No. 317/1 kha Jagatpur Lala Begum Pilibhit Bypass, Gulzar Nagar Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh-24312

Telecom Service Bijnor

Telecommunication service or the telecom service is controlled by the civil service of Indian government. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one such department operating under the telecom service.

Telephone Exchange in Bijnor
Meerut road, Civil Lines
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh-246701

BSNL Telephone Exchange
Civil Lines
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh-246701

BSNL Customer care centre
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh-246701

Hostels in Bijnor

Hostel in Bijnor provide accommodation and food for stay for a specified duration of time for its customers. A hostel is of great help for the working women and students who stay away from their home for their work or studies.

VKIT Girls Hostel Bijnor
Kiratpur Road, Adarsh Nagar
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701

Legal Service in Bijnor

Legal service is a practice of law which provides advices and clarifies the legal issues of their clients. Also they represent the client in case of court proceedings or legal negotiations, they draft client’s legal document. Some of the legal service providers from Bijnor are as follows.

Rachit Bansal
Kiratpur Road, S D Puram
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701

Suresh Chandra Jain Kumar Jain
Civil Lines
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.: +91 1342 264 540

S.D. Singh
Awas Vikas Road, Aawas Vikas
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh -246701
Phone no.: +91 1342 262 036

Vivek Aggarwal Advocate
Sadar Bazar Road
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh -246701
Phone no.: +91 98 37 245210

Petrol Pumps in Bijnor

Petrol pump is also termed as filling / fuelling station which sells fuels for vehicles. The price for the fuel is set by the government of India. The following are some petrol pumps in Bijnor.

Petrol Pump
Bijnor - Haridwar Road
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701

Petrol Pump in Bijnor
Shakti Nagar
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701

Petrol Pump Nagina Road Bijnor
Bijnor - Nagina Road
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701

Petrol Pump Civil Lines Bijnor
Civil Lines
Punjabi Colony, Nai Basti
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701

Petrol Pump in Bijnor
Bijnor - Moradabad Road
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh -246701

Pan Card in Bijnor

The permanent account number popularly called as the PAN card is a unique ten digit alphanumeric number which is delivered by the income tax department under the control of central board of direct taxes. Prevention of tax avoidance and detailing the financial transaction are the main purpose for the introduction of PAN number. The pan card agencies in Bijnor are as follows.

Alankit Assignments Limited
Shop no 5, Baba plaza
Bijnor Nagar Palika
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.: 01342-261222

Wealth Mart
Gf-18, Shastri chowk, Shopper’s Pride Mall
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.: 9837275592

Real Estate Agents in Bijnor

Real estate is a property which may be an empty land or a building on it. The real estate agents are person who act as intermediate between the buyer and the seller. The agents maintains a database about the list of property available of sale, owner details and the priced fixed for sale, does aids the buyer on the sale by connecting the buyer with the seller. The real estate agents in Bijnor are as follows.

Vishal Properties Dealer
Bukhara road
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.:954837477
Landmark: Nr Ravidas Dharamshala

Jaidi Properties
Chandpur, Dhanora Road
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.:9837292677
Landmark: Infront Of Bhagjati Petrol Pump

Siddiqui Properties
Bh Jhalu Stand
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.: 9319175051

M A Assoc
Siyau, Chandpur, Teh Road
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.: 8881005505
Landmark: Near Doctor Meerutya

Royal Properties and Developers
B-23, New Basti
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.: 991736921
Landmark: Near Gurudwara

Shiv Properties
Najibabad Road
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.: 9917334266
Landmark: Near St Marry School

Home Delivery in Bijnor

The restaurants in Bijnor also provide home delivery of the order placed through phone. The delivery boy picks up the correct address of the customer and delivers the order on time and collects the money. The restaurants in Bijnor which offers home delivery are as follows.

Classic Bar Restaurant
Civil Line
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.:01342-268268
Landmark: Near Sai guest house and Uiiwal Telecom

Hot & Spicy the fast food restaurant
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.:01342-261699

Nadeem Bhai Mughal Corner
B-22, New fish market Chahsheeria
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
Phone no.: 992725665

Postal Services in Bijnor

The post office also provides financial services such as Post office saving scheme, Postal life insurance, money remittance service, mutual funds and forex services. Bill mail, direct post, retail post and e – payment are the retail services offered. Speed post, business post, express post, media post, greeting post and logistics post are the premium products offered by the postal services. Mail services offered are mail products, registration, parcel, insurance, value payable post, pin code and international. The Indian Post uses the six digit postal index number popularly called as the pin code which is used to identify the address location, the postal pin code of Bijnor is 246701.

Bijnor Post office
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh-246701
Phone no.: 01342-262640

BI Estate Post office in Bijnor
BI Estate
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh-246701
Phone no.: 01342-252116

Post office in Civil Line
Civil Line
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh-246701
Phone no.: 01342-265002

Post office Jatan Bijnor
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh-246701
Phone no.: 01342-265001

Post office Khatriyan Bijnor
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh-246701
Phone no.: 01342-250589
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