Shopping in Bijnor

What to Shop in BijnorShopping in Bijnor is a lot of fun. Tourist can find a variety of shopping places in the city. The well verse roadways, railways and the private and public transport facility of Bijnor assist shopping in the city without much hassle. The craft and art product from the shopping market in Bijnor depicts the ancient history and culture of the city. Festival season in Bijnor can also be termed as the shopping season in Bijnor as majority of local public shopping are done at this time. Textile garments, jewels, sweets, gifts and household products are mostly shopped items during festivals. The heritage and culture-rich state Uttar Pradesh is famous for its silk saris especially the Banarasi varieties of saris, Chikan works, carpets, wood works, furniture, glassware, pottery, mangoes, ornaments and fine worked jewellery. Alos the handmade craft products are much popular in Bijnor markets. Bijnor city homes shops for mobile phones, electronic products, stationary stores, textile showrooms and many more shops which facilitate the customers with their products at a sensible rates.

Silk Saris in Bijnor

The city is popular for its silk saris. Artistic weavers are the great boon to the soil. Handloom industry is one of the oldest craft of the state, as it is one of the major craft industries in the state. The designs weaved in the material are primarily Mughal design. The renowned Benares silk saris, chikan embroidery worked saris, shalu silk, handloom sari can be shopped from almost all the garment shops in Bijnor. The hand loomed saris from these shops are if long life and or original colours. The customers should ensure the quality of the silk brought since many look alike copies of the renowned silk designs are also sold in the shops. Bright-coloured silk saris are favourites among locals.

Pottery in Bijnor

Pottery is one of the oldest craft of the state which is made out of clay. Ceramic pottery, glazed pottery, black pottery and many more types of pottery work can be shopped in Bijnor markets. Other than pots the pottery industries do produce water pots, cups, bowls and vases. The clay quality qualifies the craft products for long life and crack free. Pottery with the ancient history painted in its surface can also be shopped in Bijnor markets.

Carpets in Bijnore

About ninety per cent of the national carpet production is contributed by Uttar Pradesh with seventy five per cent of weavers. It is one of the old and productive craft industries of the state. Minute designs with excellent colours are weaved in the carpets, which holds designs of Taj Mahal, flowers and animals, Mughal designs, etc. The carpets are weaved in different varieties of borders which add beauty to the carpet outline. Persian style, Mughal style and modern style carpets can be shopped in Bijnor. The quality and the artistic design weaved on the carpet with bright colours attracts the customers.

Malls in Bijnor

Shopping malls in Bijnor provide varieties of entertainment under a single roof. Malls has garment stores, cosmetic stores, ornaments stores, music stores, cafeteria, eateries, fast foods, pastries, movie halls and many more which acts as an one stop entertainment for the people of Bijnor. SRS mall in Punjabi colony runs many stores and SRS movie hall inside its premise, Chaudhary mall in civil line and the Ganga plaza in Punjabi colony are the shopping malls located in Bijnor.

Stationary Shops in Bijnor

The stationary shops in Bijnor sell products such as note books, papers, pen, pencil, craft items, gift items, diaries, record note books, schools bags, water bottles, lunch boxes, confectioneries, stickers, fancy items and many more. Here is the detailed list of stationary shops in Bijnor.

Aggarwal Stationary
Kiratpur Road
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701

Y.S. Books Stationary
Judgee Road, Sadar Bazar
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701

Khanna Sons Stationary
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh -246701

Bijnor Gift and Card Center
Civil Lines, Punjabi Colony
Nai Basti, Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh -246701

Optical Shops in Bijnor

The optical shops in Bijnor sell different types of power glasses, contact lens, sun glasses and its related products. The power glasses can be ordered from the optical shops on providing the eye doctor acknowledged eye power prescription. Here is the list of optical shops in Bijnor.

Parasar Opticals
Civil Lines, Punjabi Colony
Nai Basti , Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh -246701

Ravi Opticals
Sadar Bazar Road
Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh- 246701
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